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    2. Supervisory Board & Economic Advisory

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      Supervisory Board

      Fraport is a joint-stock company. The members of the Supervisory board are elected as representatives of the shareholders and the workforce. Business development and company strategy are under the watchful eye of the members of the Supervisory Board.

      Furthermore members of the board of directors of Fraport AG are chairmen of the supervisory boards of some of the company's affiliates.

      The twenty-member-strong Supervisory Board of Fraport AG is made up of

      • three representatives from the federal state of Hesse,
      • two from the City of Frankfurt,
      • five private shareholders and
      • ten employee representatives.

      Members of the Supervisory Board are:

      Karlheinz Weimar, Former Minister of Finance of the State of Hesse
      Vice Chairman
      Ronald Laubrock, Regional Director Traffic and Transportation, VER.DI trade union, Hesse
      Claudia Amier, Chairwoman of the Works Council, Fraport AG
      Devrim Arslan, Chairman of the Works Council, FraGround GmbH
      Uwe Becker, Mayor and City Treasurer of Frankfurt am Main
      Hakan B?lükmese, Member of the Works Council, Fraport AG
      Hakan Cicek, Member of the Works Council, Fraport AG
      Kathrin Dahnke, Member of the Executive Board of Wilh. Werhahn KG
      Detlev Draths, Member of the Works Council, Fraport AG
      Peter Feldmann, Lord Mayor of Frankfurt am Main
      Peter Gerber, Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG
      Dr. Margarete Haase, former Member of the Executive Board of DEUTZ AG
      Frank-Peter?Kaufmann,?Member of the Hesse State Parliament
      Dr. Ulrich Kipper, SEVP Corporate Infrastructure Management, Fraport AG
      Lothar Klemm, Former Hessian Government Minister
      Birgit Kother, Business economist (Diplom-Betriebswirtin)
      Michael Odenwald, Chairman of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bahn AG
      Qadeer Rana, Chairman of the works council and the general works council of FraSec GmbH
      Katharina Wesenick, Representative for collective bargaining (Aviation), VER.DI trade union, Germany
      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, Member of the management of SMS group GmbH


      Economic Advisory

      The task of the Economic Advisory Board is to advise and support the Executive Board of Fraport AG on all key issues regarding developments in the economy and in air transportation as well as significant areas of business policy.

      Members are normally appointed by the Executive Board for three years.
      The Executive Board takes part in the meetings of the Economic Advisory Board, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is invited to join the discussions as a permanent guest.

      The present members of the Economic Advisory Board are:

      Wolfgang Kirsch
      Herbert Hans Grüntker, Chairman of the Executive Board, HELABA Landesbank Hessen Thüringen
      Gunnar Heinemann, Member of the Board of Directors, Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co.KG
      Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Director and Member of the Management Board, Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft K?ln
      Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer
      Dr. Marcus Kuhnert, Member of the Executive Board, Merck KGaA
      Friedrich von Metzler, Bankhaus B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co.KGaA
      Ralf Nagel, Chief Executive Officer, Verband Deutscher Reeder
      Ralf Pütmann
      Dr. Lutz Raettig, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Morgan Stanley Bank AG
      Gordon Riske, Chief Executive Officer, KION Group AG
      Prof. Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, Chief Executive Officer, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
      Martin Scholich, Member of the Executive Board, PricewaterhouseCoopers
      Hauke Stars, Member of the Board, Deutsche B?rse AG
      Stephan Sturm, Chairman of the Executive Board, Fresenius SE & Co.KG
      Permanent Guest:
      Karlheinz Weimar
      Former Finance Minister, State of Hesse,Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fraport AG